About “doggerelbanksy”, also known as Phil Poyser

Phil Poyser has been writing poetry for much longer than he can remember (1). Born in 1944 in the Nottinghamshire mining village of Mansfield Woodhouse, he was encouraged by parents, Lucy and Vernon, to read, write and especially travel widely. Educated (2) at Brunts Grammar School and Imperial College of Science and Technology (London), he rediscovered his love of Chemistry by setting off in 1966 on a voyage of (self)-discovery overland to Australia. He worked (3) at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile, the Université Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg and for ICI Pharma, Reims, France, and finally for ICI at Alderley Park, Cheshire, as it metamorphosed around him into Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca. He’s now a Food4Macc organic gardener, lives with his long-suffering partner, Mady, in Macclesfield, has two children, Paula and Michael, two step-children, Estelle and Hugo, three grandchildren, Samuel, Maxim and Alex and a grandkitten, Tibo. In his wilder moments, he thinks of himself as a kind of Doggerel Banksy, hence the website pseudonym.

(1) Editor: not really that long then. (2) Editor: you can’t tell. (3) Editor: they couldn’t tell.

In August, 2014, he published his first slim anthology of verse :-

                                    Eric Bloodaxe? And Other Verse by Phil Poyser

A medicinal chemist at Alderley Park, Cheshire from 1979 to 2007 and prior to that in Reims, France, Phil Poyser has been a lifelong lover of verse, writing his poetry as a relaxation from his daytime job. Since retirement, he’s performed at a number of open mike venues in and around Macclesfield and been guest poet at Sale’s “Write Out Loud” and Alsager’s “Poets and Pints”. Most recently, he took part in the latest Word Wizard slam in Buxton and performed at the open mike at Manchester’s “Bad Language”.

The subjects in this debut anthology range from the eponymous gardener who might have Viking ancestry to speculation on the origins of the wheel, from spending an evening with Kylie Minogue to what would have happened if Isaac Newton had been Australian. Life’s transience seeps in to his work, so there’s more than a pinch of nostalgia, offset with a spatulaful of humour and a dollop of word play.

In February this year, he benefitted from the expertise at The Christie and all proceeds from sales of this collection (£5 each) go to Prostate Cancer UK. With around £900 raised so far, he hopes to top the £1000 target by the end of 2015.

The anthology is available from Amazon or from him (philpoyser1@gmail.com).


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