I’m still trying to walk the tightrope (slack wire?) of outrageous optimism strung across the chasm of reality whilst keeping one eye on Nadal v Djokovic.


Oops! The twice in a lifetime chance has been and gone:

Croatia scored 2 goals; whilst England managed 1.

Off to the perfect start, we couldn’t keep it up.

It’s the Team’s coming home, not Football or World Cup.

One more match to play, though little consolation

for those who dreamed of football glory for the nation.


At first kick off, we’d all have settled for third place.

We hoped for more, but third (or fourth) would be no disgrace.

We’d have come home almost happy, ghosts laid to rest,

knowing we had striven and given of our best,

but Gareth’s young team shows promise now aplenty.

The talent’s there. Bring on Euro 2020.



  1. johnandreae · July 14

    Nice one Phil .

    Are you getting back to normal ?


    Sent from my iPhone



  2. vivbetts · July 14

    love it


  3. STEPHEN JOSEPH · July 15

    🎼🎶 Oops….oops oops…The twice in a lifetime chance has been….oops, oops, oops the twice in a lifetime chance has goooooone… Croatia scored, Croatia scored ..two goals! Two goals! 🎶🎶The lifetime chance has gooooooo…

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