For Harry, England and St. George and World Cup Sucker

I’ve not been writing much of late, but, unsurprisingly, here are a couple of poems related to the present obsession and which require posting before the 3 pm (BST)deadline! The one written today is first and they pretty much cover the options!

So, “Come on, my bonnies” (as one of the Mansfield Town supporters used to shout at Field Mill back in the 60s).

For Harry, England and St. George

The banners are flying, the pundits installed.

Could this be the year that the Lions don’t get mauled?

We’ve laid the old spectre of failure to rest:

those penalty shootouts with us second best.

We hover twixt gloom and wild optimism

Oh, for a clairvoyant’s crystal ball prism.

The vagaries of fortune, the chance of success,

seem stacked in our favour – well, more or less –

since Germany’s out and no Brazil or Spain.

Uruguay, Argentina can’t win again,

though “Old Enemy”, France, still lurks in the wings.

As long as Sweden don’t run round us in rings,

England’s boys will be men through History’s lens.

(Fingers George crossed it won’t end up with pens.)

The excitement is bubbling to fever pitch.

A bloke in the pub claimed there won’t be a hitch.

Here’s hoping we’ll all be glued to the screen

and dreaming of glory for 2018.


World Cup Sucker

Switch on the TV at the set or remote.

Whatever the channel, we’re in the same boat.

What have we in store and what will it usher?

It’s World Cup Football wall to wall from Russia.


The flags are out flying from roofs and high places.

They’re even painted on kids’ and grown-ups’ faces.

Whether cross of St. George or Union Jack;

bright French tricolore; (none of them is black);


a rising sun from Japan; Swiss cross white on red;

lots of other countries’ flags, I can’t get in my head.

We’ll wave them forever and loudly cheer, no doubt.

Well, maybe not forever, just until we’ve been knocked out!



  1. mph26 · July 7

    Hi Phil,As usual I’ve tried to post a comment, and as usual WordPress won’t let me. Whatever password I use, even one I’ve asked them to send because I’ve “forgotten mine”, is rejected. It’s very frustrating and there seems to be no way of overcoming the problem.However, I did read and enjoy the poem, as always… and I hope your convalescence is progressing apace!Mark. Mark P. Henderson   Writer, editor, folktale collector, storyteller.      Author of Folktales of the Peak District,       Cruel and Unusual Punnishments,       and other works.   Secretary, “Write from the Heart”. 07397 164551


    • doggerelbanksy · July 7

      You’re definitely listed as a follower (mph26). Shall I try “Remove” and then re-invite you or will the gremlins in the machine still intervene? Phil


  2. STEPHEN JOSEPH · July 7

    Thanks. You are in the groove..despite that niggling element of doubt… Keep writing. Life is short…Art is long..🌹🌹🌹xxx

    Sent from my iPad



  3. J. J. Kim Wright · July 7

    Very topical……..I confess to watching a few marvellous games at ridiculous hours even though I am not very knowledgeable at all. In fact one expert here has me inthralled with a technical exposition on tactics although I have no understanding at all.

    In fact I am going to watch England vs Sweden in 30 mins.
    Good to hear from you and I hope all is well with you both.

    Moggs having treatment for bladder cancer at tub moment. Appears not to have spread which is very good.



    Sent from my iPhone


    • doggerelbanksy · July 7

      Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear that Mogs is having to undergo treatment. Give her a gentle hug and our best wishes. Let us know how she goes on. Phil and Mady XX


  4. cjays67 · July 7

    Cry God For Harry  England and St Southgate!

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  5. vivbetts · July 7

    I am sure you are celebrating today……well done England!


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