England Expects…

A cautionary note: wild optimism may not necessarily prove to have been prescience all along

England Expects…

The quarter final’s over. We no longer fear

being flat-packed off home by the Land of IKEA.

Two more rounds to go before in the memory sticks

2018 alongside 1966.



  1. cjays67 · July 7

    Positive outcomes we have nothing to fearI’ll  be watching our heros while having a beer Croatia,  or Russia  bring em onExpect a Stirling performance from everyoneWell Kane them shame them were EngerlandLand of  the freeEmulate Moore and Banksie in historyWe’ll play in styles, Pickford at the backAli will have then on the rack.And  with Maguire in the mix we are on fire!! 

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  2. teacherspet1 · July 7

    I like it , good job by you and the team well done. I watched the match every kick and cheered , then watched Wimbledon, now got a square BTM! Lv Margaret

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  3. STEPHEN JOSEPH · July 7

    A lovely postscrip🌹

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