No Hoper

At the Creative Writing Group a week or so ago, Beryl led a workshop on the plight of the homeless, starting with a word association exercise to try to get our heads round the problem. We each then tried to encapsulate it in a short prose piece or a poem. If I didn’t quite hit the sympathetic note I was aiming for, mea culpa.

No Hoper

You wouldn’t believe that I had a good job.

I was in with the in crowd, but I was a knob.

Now I’m down on my luck and need a few bob.

Yeah, walk right on past me. I’m not your prob.


I drank for England. I smoked dodgy snout.

I’d snort lines of coke. Any laws I would flout.

I pushed it too far and my boss kicked me out.

I was out of control. Now my Life’s up the spout.


My girlfriend, supportive, I pushed her too far.

She coaxed me and pleaded. She was really a star,

but I just got plastered and smashed up the car.

My family said, “That’s it” and that’s where we are.


So, here in my doorway, with blankets for heat,

head down, out of trouble, on a kind copper’s beat,

I’m cold and I’m hungry, so little to eat

and bugger all chance to start a clean sheet.


So, whilst you ignore me, down and out on my luck,

I’m in a quandary for here I am stuck

and you who don’t know me and don’t give a fuck,

you might be surprised just how little it took.



  1. teacherspet1 · June 6

    Well done, I enjoyed reading it. Just glad it wasn’t your life history. Lv Margaret

    Sent from my iPad



  2. STEPHEN JOSEPH · June 6

    Love it….bitter, then pulling at the old heart strings…then wham..bitter again🌹🌹🌹xxx

    Sent from my iPad



  3. hugokensdale · June 7

    Great stuff Phil! X


  4. vivbetts · June 7

    I am sure this is true for a lot of young or old people living on the streets, it makes me feel very sad what happened in their lives to make them feel this way!


  5. mph26 · June 9

    Phil, I don’t know whether my comment has been posted, but it’s impossible for me to log in to WordPress. The system flatly refuses to accept my password. I’ve now allowed it to generate a password for me, and it won’t recognise that one, either! There’s a serious flaw in the works somewhere.I hope your convalescence is continuing satisfactorily and you’ll be able to come to one of the open mics soon.Kind regards,Mark.Mark P. Henderson   Writer, editor, folktale collector, storyteller.      Author of Folktales of the Peak District,       Cruel and Unusual Punnishments,       and other works.   Secretary, “Write from the Heart”. 07397 164551


    • doggerelbanksy · June 10

      Hi Mark, Thanks for your persistence. Your comment has got through OK. I’m sorry to say I don’t know what the problem is or why you’re on the receiving end! Convalescence has had its ups and one particular down, the latter as a result of unadulterated clumsiness on my part after watering a hanging basket. Hope to see you soon. Phil


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