Last Post?

This time next week, all being well, I should be at the base camp of the route to recovery. Not being one who can leave a pun languishing, I wrote the following  catheter-in-situ poem when the operation was first scheduled. Back soon.

Last Post?

I’m hors de combat, side-lined, indisposed,

about to pass a day with eyelids closed,

whilst teams of surgeons saw and sow and graft

and demonstrate their wondrous healing craft.


I’m in their hands and so with hand on heart,

my cardio-thoracic period will start.

Perhaps I should have stayed with 5 a day.

That’s pills of course, not fruit, I stuff away.


A cornet’s plangent, melancholy note

sounds in my inner ear, sticks in my throat.

That’s natural (a call of Nature, Bertie?),

but I digress. Quick, back to keyboard QWERTY.


Here’s to successful op. If not, I’m toast.

They’ll do their best and this won’t be Last Post!





  1. mph26 · April 9, 2018

    Good luck, Phil. These ops are pretty routine nowadays but it’s impossible not to worry when you’re on the receiving end. We’ll all be thinking of you, and looking forward to your NEXT post.


  2. STEPHEN JOSEPH · April 9, 2018

    Full of hope…and so it should be. God bless your Medical Team. Love Ann-Marie🌹🌹🌹xxx

    Sent from my iPad



  3. vivbetts · April 9, 2018

    hope the op goes well and we can enjoy more of your fascinating poems.


  4. Jude · April 9, 2018

    Best of luck with the op, Phil – I’m sure it’ll be done and dusted before you know it and you’ll be back to touring the open-mic circuit!


  5. Margaret Holbrook · April 9, 2018

    Phil, Wishing you all the best and hope to see you back on top form soon. Who knows what ideas you’ll come up with under the influence?!! All the best from Margaret and Ste xx


  6. Alan Horne · April 9, 2018

    Best of luck, Phil. These things are always anxious-making, but I’m sure we’ll be reading more new poems from you shortly!


  7. h1a1rvey · April 9, 2018

    Good luck Phil. All the very best and we’ll see you soon. R


  8. teacherspet1 · April 9, 2018

    Good luck and keep on working at getting better. Love from cold, foggy Maidstone Margaret

    Sent from my iPhone



  9. jeanwarham · April 9, 2018

    Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to having you fit and well and back among us again.


  10. Margaret W · April 10, 2018

    There seem to be a glut of Margarets wishing you well Phil and here’s another – along with Chris. Hope the pre-op went well; then we’ll be thinking of you, willing you a speedy recovery and are looking forward to reading our regular diet of poetry on-line very soon!
    With much love M&C xx


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