Burns’ Night Poem

Apologies for the unusual frequency of these posts, but I wanted to share this poem whilst it still has some relevance. As you’ll gather from the last verse, we had been pippa-ed (?) to the post at the Old Saw Mill by Charles and Camilla on their visit to Congleton the previous day. John Lindley hosted a very enjoyable Burns’ Night Supper-cum-open mike with copious helpings of delicious haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with generous tots of whisky (or, as I was on antibiotics, apple juice) and lots of excellent poetry, particularly from the Congleton writers. If you get the chance, drop in at the Old Saw Mill. It’s well worth the detour and you’ll get a right royal welcome.

Burns’ Night Rhyme

It’s 2018! Where ha’e ye all been?

Another Burns’ night’s round again.

Our Rabbie (5 starred), the Immortal Bard,

is toasted tonight, do ye ken?


Ploughman Poet from Ayr, his natural flair

for the feelings of his fellow Man

touched our hearts to the core, now and evermore

till mankind becomes one big clan


And what would he think as we live on the brink

in a world gone frankly quite mad.

He’d pick up his pen as he did way back then

and coin sound advice in verse clad.


Take our EU Brexit which clearly wrecks it,

appalled, he would say, “Man, you’re fou.

It must be better to borders unfetter

and bring Man togither, the noo.


I canna believe it’s too late to retrieve it.

Test the water with referenda,

but tie selves in knots? Nae, be like canny Scots

and adopt a long term agenda.


And just one more thing ere “Auld Lang Syne” ye sing,

the world’s now a place run by loons.

You’re for the high jump with Donald J Trump,

compromise displaced by High Noons.


No Gary Cooper, he’s more party pooper.

He’ll throw all his toys from the pram.

We’ll be left in the dark and no Cutty Sark

and no Meg to ride off on like Tam.


And North Korea? Don’t despair, my dear.

It’s roses, not buttons are red,

though a hundred years on since we fought World War 1,

we wear poppies with pride for the dead.


Grant us and gi’us to see as others see us

in our time on this Earth which is brief,

to love one another, treat all as a brother

in one universal belief.”



Here’s an addendum, my verses to end’em.

I’ve heard Charles, Prince of Wales was here

plus Duchess of Cornwell, both moderately worn well,

Now you’re back with Rab’s rabble, my dear!



  1. mph26 · January 26

    Indeed, I suspect that Rabbie would look at the current Wastemonster government at say “What a parcel of rogues in one nation”.


  2. doggerelbanksy · January 26

    Hi Mark,
    What a great word to summarise the rascals! Phil


  3. teacherspet1 · January 26

    Well done. If you want to scare yourself, read the first two chapters of To Kill the President by Sam Bourne. LvMargaret

    Sent from my iPad



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