“Bequest” by Mark Henderson: tonight 3rd. July at 8-30pm (Partington 1 Act Play Festival from 7-30pm) at the Partington Players Theatre, Glossop and a recent poem from me, “Sandi’s Big 5-0”.

Mark’s new 1 act play, “Bequest” is on tonight (for one night only!) and Mark’s actually in it. It’s an entry in the Partington 1 Act Play Festival and will be well worth the detour. Mark’s play is on second at 8-30 pm.

Meanwhile, on June 24th., Sandi (next door) celebrated a big birthday in their recently finished, magnificent garden, complete with mirrors which double the size and worthy of Versailles or Chatsworth  (don’t look on our side of the hedge, folks). There was a Turkish-cuisine BBQ, good company and oceans of fizzy drinks (!). Although we didn’t stay the course, the party went on into the early hours with a gradual quietening down after midnight. This is what I penned for her card. (Henry is their dog).

Sandi’s Big 5-0

When I started writing this, I was in a dreadful rush.

I’d need a minor miracle to finish at a push.

It all began when Henry left a message on our lawn

in the shape of ’67 (the year Sandi was born).

Then Poppy, bless her tabby socks, confirmed it with a “Miaow”,

suggesting we come Saturday for drinks and chat and chow.


We checked i-pads and i-phones and found we’d had a text

from Sandi who’d explained in brief just what would happen next.

“We’re at the summer solstice and it’s time to celebrate

a certain great big birthday. Yes, mine, so save the date.

The heat wave may be over, but as long as it stays dry,

join us in our new garden, a kind of miniature Versailles.”


So, it’s round to 1 4 5 to mark one fifty come what may

and witness that it’s possible to keep old Father Time at bay.

True, there may be laughter lines, odd grey hairs we cannot hide,

but, shucks, that’s Life experience. We wear our years with pride.

We’re all still mods or rockers, punks or hippies in our hearts,

though in broad daylight those like me are taken for old farts.


Today, there’s a marquee up, the barbeque is sizzling.

(With one eye on the forecast, they’d hoped it wouldn’t be drizzling).

So, pull frothy pints, pop champagne corks, maybe some apple brandy,

bought on recent holidays at friends in French Normandy.

Of wine, there’s a selection, from the New World and the Old:

oak-aged reds and tangy whites delicious when they’re cold.


We have a dual purpose. Forget the world outside a while

(and, Man, we’re all United, so chill out, relax and smile)

and for this special person, fête this extra special day.

Raise glasses in a toast in that special Sandi way.

She’s put us in the picture and we can watch her garden grow.

On reflection in those mirrors, it’s “Happy Big 5-0”!


I’m looking for a final rhyme… if only one were handy!

How about a word of thanks to hosts, both Daine and Sandi.


Great party. Happy Birthday, Sandi.



  1. h1a1rvey · July 3, 2017

    Great stuff Phil. Up to your usual high standard. Don’t know your neighbours but I bet they were delighted with your rendition.


  2. mph26 · July 3, 2017

    What a wonderful 50th birthday gift for Sandi! Clearly, Henry’s misdemeanour is long forgiven.

    Thanks for the plug, too! I think a few of my friends will be there. I just hope that my first attempt to act on stage doesn’t prove disastrous…


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